Best answer: How do you repair a church pew?

How much does it cost to refinish a church pew?

The refinishing of good quality existing church pews, in general, is about one third the cost of purchasing similarly structured new pews. On a per lineal foot basis church pew restoration and/or refinishing cost starts at $120 per foot and can range up to $200 per foot.

How do you disassemble a church pew?

Disassembly Instructions for a Church Pew

  1. Examine the support members at the end of each pew where the support meets the floor. …
  2. Shine the flashlight into the cavity behind the plastic plate and locate some type of heavy duty concrete fastener. …
  3. Remove the nut from the threaded shaft to disconnect the pew from the floor.

How do you recover a pew?

How to Upholster a Church Pew

  1. Measure the pews for materials using the measuring tape. …
  2. Complete your first measurement. …
  3. Complete your second measurement. …
  4. Decide on the fabric that will be used to upholster the pews. …
  5. After the foam is in place, begin covering the foam with the fabric that has been measured and sewn.
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How do you repurpose an old church pew?

What to Do With Your Old Church Pews

  1. Entryway Seating. There’s no better way to start and finish your day than with a pew at the front door. …
  2. Rustic Bench. …
  3. Dining Seating. …
  4. Add Storage. …
  5. Fireplace Seating. …
  6. Fireside Seating. …
  7. Add Slip Covers. …
  8. Garden Seating.

How much does it cost to paint a church?

Typical church painting services cost between $3,000-upwards of $10,000. With churches we may have to move pews to paint the ceilings. Sometimes a lift can be used and moving pews can be avoided.

How long is the average church pew?

Traditional pews set at standard three-feet across and leave a one-foot space for departing the pew. The rules prohibit more than seven seats from the middle of the row to the nearest aisle. The typical maximum pew length is 22′ 6″ or 15 seats.

Can you shorten a church pew?

Churches often renovate and the old pews are put up for sale. Most church pews are too long to be used in the home, but they can be cut down in about an hour.

What are most church pews made of?

Pews are generally made of wood and arranged in rows facing the altar in the nave of a church.

How do you move church pews?

Follow these steps to transition from pews to chairs:

  1. Purchase Church Chairs.
  2. Plan the Layout for Your Chairs.
  3. Gather Volunteers to Help Remove the Pews.
  4. Find the Pew Supports.
  5. Remove the Fasteners.
  6. Decide Whether to Take the Pews Apart or Move Them Intact.
  7. Load the Pews Onto Dollies.
  8. Find a Place to Store the Pews.
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How do you clean church pew cushions?

For loose pew cushions, don’t take cushions out of their covers to clean them. The covers might shrink in the wash and no longer fit over the cushion. Instead, apply a spray-on, water-based detergent, like an upholstery-cleaning detergent or liquid soap and water.

Is there a market for old church pews?

Some from older churches may even be antiques. … Advertise the pews in online auctions such as Old and Sold Antiques or Fontaine’s Antique Auctions. Place an ad in a publication like Uncle Henry’s. These publications have print or online versions and have a wide audience.

How do you clean an old wooden church pew?

Disinfecting Wooden Church Pews

  1. Mix a Sanitizing Solution. Mix 1 cup of white vinegar with 1 cup of water. …
  2. Wipe Wood Surfaces. Dampen a clean cloth with the sanitizing solution, and wipe down all wood pew surfaces. …
  3. Dry With a Clean Cloth. Use fresh cloths to remove excess moisture as you give pews a last polish.