Best answer: Who is Bel and Marduk in the Bible?

Kings of Assyria and Persia also honoured Marduk and Zarpanitu in inscriptions and rebuilt many of their temples. Marduk was later known as Bel, a name derived from the Semitic word baal, or “lord.” Bel had all the attributes of Marduk, and his status and cult were much the same.

Is Marduk the god of Abraham?

“Marduk” is the Babylonian form of his name. The name Marduk was probably pronounced Marutuk. The etymology of the name Marduk is conjectured as derived from amar-Utu (“immortal son of Utu” or “bull calf of the sun god Utu”).


Marduk (Bêl)
Children Nabu
Greek equivalent Zeus, Apollo
Roman equivalent Jupiter

What is Bel in the Bible?

1. Now the Babylonians had an idol called Bel, and every day they spent on it twelve bushels of fine flour and forty sheep and fifty gallons of wine. … [4] The king revered it and went every day to worship it. But Daniel worshiped his own God.

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Who is Bel and Nebo in the Bible?

Nabu was associated with the goddess Nisaba by the Sumerians, and the god Thoth by the Egyptians, Apollo by the Greeks, and Mercury by the Romans. He is referred to as Nebo in the Bible, where he is mentioned with Marduk (called “Bel”) in Isaiah 46:1-2.

Who is Bel and Nebo in Isaiah?

Bel was the sky-god of the Babylonians and the Assyrians. Nebo (or Nabu) was the Babylonian god of scribes and wisdom.

Is Yahweh a Marduk?

Marduk (Sumerian for “solar calf”; Biblical Merodach) was the name of a late generation god from ancient Mesopotamia and patron deity of the city of Babylon. It was Marduk whom Cyrus the Great of Persia credited with the inspiration to allow the Jews to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the Temple of Yahweh. …

What is the Marduk prophecy?

One of the Akkadian literary predictive texts, the so-called “Marduk Prophecy,” describes the travels of the Babylonian supreme god Marduk to the lands of Hatti, Assur, and Elam. It concludes with the prediction that a future king will lead Marduk back from Elam.

Who is Marduk in the Bible?

Marduk, in Mesopotamian religion, the chief god of the city of Babylon and the national god of Babylonia; as such, he was eventually called simply Bel, or Lord. Marduk.

Who is the mother of Marduk?

However, Marduk’s mother, the Sumerian goddess called Ninhursag, Damkina, Ninmah and other names in Sumerian, was often known as Belit-ili (“Lady of the Gods”) in Akkadian.

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Is Bel and the Dragon true?

Bel and the Dragon, in full The History Of The Destruction Of Bel And The Dragon, Greek apocryphal addition to the biblical Book of Daniel. It is a deuterocanonical work in that it is accepted in the Roman canon but not by Jews or Protestants.

What did Marduk do?

Marduk was the patron god of Babylon, the Babylonian king of the gods, who presided over justice, compassion, healing, regeneration, magic, and fairness, although he is also sometimes referenced as a storm god and agricultural deity.

Who is the Mesopotamian god of war?

Nergal, in Mesopotamian religion, secondary god of the Sumero-Akkadian pantheon. He was identified with Irra, the god of scorched earth and war, and with Meslamtaea, He Who Comes Forth from Meslam. Cuthah (modern Tall Ibrāhīm) was the chief centre of his cult.

Who was the god of wisdom in Mesopotamia?

Patron deity of Borsippa, god of wisdom and writing. In the first millennium BCE, Nabu is one of the most important Mesopotamian deities. First a minister of Marduk, he later becomes his co-regent at the head of the pantheon.

What does Isaiah chapter 46 mean?

God keeps inveighing against idols. He says that pagan deities like Bel and Nebo are unable to save anyone. … But on the other hand, God pledges to definitely save the House of Jacob. He’ll carry them instead of burdening them. God can’t be compared to idols, since they’re unable to speak.

Who is the virgin daughter of Babylon?

Chapter 47 concerns the fall of Babylon, which is personified as a woman, “the virgin daughter of Babylon”, “daughter of the Chaldeans”, no longer to be called “the Lady of Kingdoms” or “a Lady for ever”.

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Isaiah 47
Order in the Christian part 23

What does Isaiah chapter 48 mean?

God addresses Israel, saying that they invoke his name but without any truth or righteousness inside them. He announced different things to them in the past, he says, because he knew that when those things would come to pass, they would be obstinate and give credit to idols. … God’s making it brand new.