How do I feel closer to Jesus?

What makes you feel close to God?

Quiet time

When your mind isn’t being stimulated it can focus on it’s own thoughts. It also clears your mind so that you can hear God. Doing some yoga or meditation is a great way to get quiet time. You can also go on a walk like I talked about earlier.

How can you bring yourself closer to God?

If you aren’t able to devote yourself to God full-time, there are still many ways to volunteer what free time you have to service. Mission trips, leading youth groups, and forming prayer groups are all common ways of bringing yourself closer to God and donating your time.

How do we put God first everyday?

10. Grab Your god first life planner

  1. Write when you will spend time in God’s Word.
  2. Write your daily to-do’s for the week.
  3. Brainstorm Family Ideas.
  4. Schedule yourself some rest time.
  5. Find encouragement with verses that remind you with God all things are possible!
  6. Prayer reminders for praying throughout the day.
  7. & More…

How can I hear God’s voice?

How to practice listening prayer

  1. Come to God with your request for guidance. …
  2. Wait in silence for God to speak for 10-12 minutes. …
  3. Jot down any Scripture, songs, impressions, or pictures God gives you. …
  4. Share how God spoke to you with your prayer partners and follow God’s will.
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What happens when you don’t feel love for Jesus?

As Jonathan Edwards said, quite bluntly if not shockingly, “He who has no religious affection, is in a state of spiritual death, and is wholly destitute of the powerful, quickening, saving influences of the Spirit of God upon his heart.” In plain language, if I do not feel love for Jesus, I do not love him.

How do you know you love Jesus?


  1. Have faith. …
  2. Don’t think about what you don’t have. …
  3. Always have hope and love God. …
  4. People might walk away from you but God said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” …
  5. Many people think you cannot be sad in Heaven, but every time someone turns their back on Jesus, God, or the Holy Spirit, Jesus is grieved.

How can I do more for God?

Spend some time with God today, and you will be blessed and refreshed.

  1. Get quiet. …
  2. Read your bible. …
  3. Write out your prayers in a dedicated notebook; these can be for others or yourself. …
  4. Go for a walk and talk with God. …
  5. Meditate on Scripture. …
  6. Put on some worship music and immerse yourself in the melody and lyrics.

What do you do when God is silent?

When God seems silent, bare your heart before him.

Let us bare our hearts before him, even when our hearts are filled with questions and distress about what seems like the silence of God. As David writes in Psalm 62: “For God alone my soul waits in silence; from him comes my salvation.

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How can I contact God directly?

To feel closer to God, try opening your prayer by addressing Him directly. Use a name that feels personal to you while being true to your faith, like “Father,” “Lord,” “Jehovah,” or “Allah.”