What episode of GREY’s Anatomy was Cody Christian in?

“Grey’s Anatomy” State of Love and Trust (TV Episode 2010) – Cody Christian as Brad – IMDb.

Is Cody Christian in the first episode of All American?

The first episode of All American season 4 featured all of the show’s main characters and almost all of the usual supporting cast members too. However, Cody Christian was the biggest actor not featured in the premiere.

What season does Cody Christian come in All American?

Cody Christian portrays Asher in All American, which is currently on season 3 and has already been renewed for a season 4.

Is Cody Christian in season 3 of All American?

In the popular CW series All American, Cody Christian plays Asher Adams. Asher is the Beverly Eagle’s wide receiver. Also, he aspires to be a professional football player in the NFL. During the season 3 finale, Asher discovered devastating news that jeopardized his football career.

Who plays Christian GREY’s anatomy?

Maurice “Moe” Irvin is an American television and film actor best known for his role as Nurse Tyler Christian in the American television medical drama, Grey’s Anatomy.


Year 2005–2014
Title Grey’s Anatomy
Role Nurse Tyler Christian
Notes 29 episodes

What is Asher’s mom’s secret?

The truth was that Asher’s father forced his mom to stay out of his life or he would reveal the truth about her. Since she wanted to be part of his life, she told Asher the truth herself: that she used to be an escort and that is how she and Asher’s father met.

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Did Asher cheat on Liv?

What a shocker! So Asher did cheat on Olivia. But the bigger shock comes towards the end when Olivia tells Layla her secret.

Who is Jamie Dornan wife?

In 2010, Dornan met English actress and singer-songwriter Amelia Warner and they became engaged in 2012, and married in 2013. They have three daughters.