Do Disc priests use Mind Sear?

Does Mind Sear trigger atonement?

Mind Blast deals Shadow damage to the target and absorbs a portion of the next damage the target deals. Atonement. Atonement for a single enemy cast per tick of Mind Sear damage, so utilizing this in AoE situations will not result in more healing.

Why is disc priest so hard?

Discipline priest has a very proactive playstyle and has limited raid-wide emergency heals in comparison to other healing specialisations. Discipline is also a very hard specialisation to master. There is almost always something you can do better and mistakes are very punishing in terms of healing throughput.

Does Mind Sear hit the target?

Mind Sear now affects the target itself in addition to surrounding enemies. Mind Sear can be channeled on friendly targets, but can NOT be cast upon Priest himself, or non-combat pets.

Do Disc priests have an interrupt?

Lack of Disc Priest interrupts is the least of their problems. Resto Druid is the only other healer that doesn’t have an interrupt. Holy Paladin and MW Monk can only use theirs at melee range.

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What spells apply atonement?

Power Word: Shield, Shadow Mend, and Power Word: Radiance apply Atonement to your target for 15 sec. Your spell damage heals all targets affected by Atonement for 50% of the damage done.

What spells heal atonement?

Power Word: Shield, Shadow Mend, and Power Word: Radiance apply Atonement to your target for 15 sec. Your spell damage heals all targets affected by Atonement for 50% of the damage done. Power Word: Shield applies Atonement to your target for 30 sec.

Spell Details.

Duration n/a
Dispel type n/a
GCD category n/a

Why Is Disc better than Holy?

Disc Priest

The main difference between Holy and Discipline priests is that to heal as a discipline priest you have to consistently put out damage. The more damage you do, the more heals your party will receive. This is one of the main reasons why it is preferred by players in the end game content.

Can I level as a disc priest?

Discipline can be a good leveling spec, as you are able to weave damage and healing spells and do significant damage on your own while keeping yourself healthy. It does not do as much damage as a Shadow Priest, but with spells like Penance, Shadow Word: Pain and Smite, you are able to level without too much issue.

How much DPS should a disc priest do?

priests for most teams were doing 2.5K to 3K DPS typically. They average around 2.5K for most fights. Given those guys are geared to the teeth, would expecting a disc.

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Is Mind Flay instant cast?

Mind Flay is a channel, not exactly an instant. MF is unaffected.

When did shadow priests get Mind Sear?

Mind Sear is a Priest AoE base ability first gained at level 74. The ability is cast upon an enemy target but only affects other enemies around the target and not the actual target itself. Each individual hit will stack Shadow Weaving.

When should you mind Sear?

When using Mind Sear to damage a group of enemies, it may therefore be best to cast it on a target with higher health (or superior defenses) than the surrounding enemies, ensuring that it is the last to die. If the target dies before the other enemies, the priest will have to find another target to cast it on.

Do shadow priests have an interrupt?

Every class has some kind of interrupt but shadow priest has only silence on 45 second cooldown.

Does Shining Force interrupt?

Shining Force is a talent that knocks away all nearby enemies from an ally, slowing them by 70% for 3 seconds. This can be used to both temporarily reduce the incoming damage on the tank, as well as interrupt a group of enemies.

Does holy paladin have interrupt?

Rebuke is a level 27 Protection and Retribution paladin interrupt ability. It interrupts the target’s spellcasting and prevents any spell in that school from being cast for 4 seconds.

Class Paladin
School Physical
Cooldown 15 seconds