How are the children treated by the Congregation of Calpurnia’s church?

How were the children treated at Calpurnia’s church?

Jem and Scout are treated with the utmost respect from the congregation of the First Purchase Church–with one exception. When Calpurnia’s friends first saw her with Jem and Scout, … the men stepped back and took off their hats; the women crossed their arms at their waists, weekday gestures of respectful attention.

How do the children feel at Calpurnia’s church what do they learn from the visit?

One of the most important things that the children learn from their visit to Calpurnia’s church is that, despite differences in worship methodology, church was essentially the same as going to “white church.” … They also learn that hatred goes both ways. On the way home, the children get to know Calpurnia better.

How are Jem and Scout treated by most of the people at Cal’s Church Why?

With the exception of Lula, the other members of the congregation treat Jem and Scout with distant respect. … These people see Scout and Jem as employers, not as company as Calpurnia describes them, but they treat them respectfully. Scout is surprised by how little they have at this church. It is clean, but sparse.

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What happened at Calpurnia’s church?

Calpurnia decides to take the children to her church, a “colored” church, that Sunday. … The church has no money for hymnals, and few of the parishioners can read, so they sing by echoing the words that Zeebo, Calpurnia’s eldest son and the town garbage collector, reads from their only hymnal.

Why does Calpurnia take the children to her church the First Purchase African ME Church?

Why does Calpurnia take Jem and Scout to her church? Calpurnia takes Jem and Scout to church because the children wouldn’t have had any supervision at their own church. She also takes them there because Tom Robinson is a member of her church.

How does the children’s perspective of Calpurnia change?

Jem and Scout gained a new respect for Calpurnia during that visit to the church. They understood that she stood up for her principles, she educated herself and her son, and she knew she could speak two languages to make everyone feel comfortable and approachable.

What is the moral lesson Calpurnia teaches the kids throughout their experience of attending church with her?

When Calpurnia takes Scout and Jem to her church in chapter 12, she teaches Scout to stand up to bullies and race-baiters.

Why did the children never know these things about Calpurnia?

They never knew these things because Jem and Scout just took Calpurnia for granted and never stopped to think that she would have a life outside their household. Jme and Scout now see Cal as an individual in her own light, with a life and history of her own. Why does Aunt Alexandra come to stay?

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How do the people of Maycomb begin to treat Atticus and the children?

How do the people of Maycomb begin to treat Atticus and the children? They are rude to them. … Aunt Alexandra wants to fire Calpurnia and Atticus does not.

How does Lula treat Jem and Scout?

After Lula expresses her concerns and makes the children feel uncomfortable, she walks away as the rest of the congregation welcomes Jem and Scout with open arms. Lula’s reaction reveals her anger towards white people and resentment for being treated as a second-class citizen in a segregated society.