Is there is only one account of the first Catholic Mass in the Philippines?

Pigafetta’s eyewitness account is the most detailed and only surviving account of the first Mass in the Philippines. But there are different interpretations of his account on where it was held. Historian Gabriel Atega said Butuan had long been considered the site of the Mass.

Is it true there is only one account of the first Catholic mass in the Philippines?

The first documented Catholic Mass in the Philippines was held on March 31, 1521, Easter Sunday. … This belief is maintained by some, who assert that the first mass was instead held at Masao, Butuan.

Where is the first Mass in the Philippines?

The Mojares Committee recommended that “Limasawa Island, Leyte, be sustained as the site of the First Easter Sunday Mass of 1521.”

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How credible is this account in explaining the site of the first mass?

l The most complete and reliable account of the Magellan expedition into Philippine shores in 1521 is that of Antonio Pigafetta which is deemed as the only credible primary source of reports on the celebration of the first Christian Mass on Philippine soil.

Where did the first Catholic mass take in the Philippines?

(APR. 16)—The first ever Easter Mass in the Philippines – a landmark in the history of Philippine Christianity – was held in 1521 on the island of Mazaua, known today as Limasawa Island, Leyte. This was the conclusion drawn by Dr.

Who is Father Pedro de Valderrama?

Father Pedro de Valderrama was the only priest in Magellan’s crew, who was given the task of celebrating the first Holy Mass on the shores of Limasawa, an island at the tip of Southern Leyte.

When did the first Holy Catholic Mass in the Philippines happen?

On this island, Ferdinand Magellan first made extended contact with Filipino natives on March 28, 1521. There also the first Roman Catholic mass was celebrated (March 31, 1521) in the Philippines. The island is inhabited by Visayan peoples who practice subsistence agriculture and fishing.

What are the issue concerning the first Mass held in the Philippines?

The first Holy Mass was celebrated not in the Visayas but in Mindanao because that historical event, that first step to staking territory in the name of God and King, occurred not in Limasawa which is part of the Visayas, but in Butuan (Mazaua) situated in northern Mindanao.

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How do you understand the text what is it all about the site of the first mass?

The Catholic hierarchy said it “stands by the proceedings and findings” of a panel of historians affirming Limasawa island as the site of the first Easter Sunday Mass in the country. … Some proponents claimed Butuan City in Agusan del Norte as the real site of the historic mass, and not Limasawa.

What are the primary sources used in identifying the site of the first Mass in the Philippines?

Some historian says that it is in Limasawa on the southern tip of Leyte and some says it is held in Masao, Butuan. … The researcher analyse the only two primary sources that historians refer in identifying the site of the first Mass. One is the log kept by Francisco Albo, a pilot of one of Magellan’s ship, Trinidad.

Do you think Butuan is the place of the first Mass in the Philippines?

The First Mass in The Philippines was held in Butuan not in Limasawa. – In Albo’s account, he didn’t mention the first Mass. Pigafetta, on the other hand, mentions that the first Mass was held in Mazaua on Easter Sunday, March 31, 1521.