Why is Philemon in the Bible?

Finally, the book of Philemon is important because it is a reminder that before our own conversion, we were all like Onesimus — useless to our Lord and Master and slaves to sin. In this sense, Onesimus is a metaphor for us all. But Christ forgave us everything, and welcomed us as brothers and sisters in the Lord.

Why did Paul wrote to Philemon?

Paul wrote to Philemon to encourage him to receive Onesimus back as a brother in the gospel without the severe punishments that would usually be inflicted on runaway slaves (see Philemon 1:17).

What do we know about Philemon in the Bible?

Philemon was a wealthy Christian and a minister (possibly a bishop) of the house church that met in his home. The Menaia of 22 November speak of Philemon as a holy apostle who, in company with Apphia, Archippus, and Onesimus had been martyred at Colossae during the first general persecution in the reign of Nero.

What is Paul’s message in Philemon?

While passing no judgment on slavery itself, Paul exhorts Philemon to manifest true Christian love, which removes barriers between enslaved people and free people. From Ephesus, where he was imprisoned (c. 53–54), Paul wrote his shortest and most personal letter to…

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What are the themes of Philemon?

Themes in the Book of Philemon

  • Forgiveness: Forgiveness is a key theme. Just as God forgives us, he expects us to forgive others, as we find in the Lord’s Prayer. …
  • Equality: Equality exists among believers. …
  • Grace: Grace is a gift from God, and out of gratitude, we can show grace to others.

How does Paul refer to himself in the book of Philemon?

The two obviously had a pretty close relationship, in fact Paul refers to himself as a father figure to the younger man (Philemon 10). … One of the most powerful parts of the letter comes at Philemon 21, where Paul says that he is writing to him “knowing that you will do even more than I say”.

What is the major underlying message of the letter to Philemon?

The most important underlying theme of Philemon, however, is the brotherhood of all believers. Paul writes, “I am sending him… no longer as a slave, but better than a slave, as a dear brother.” Some think that Paul was implying that Philemon should free Onesimus — perhaps that is so.

What is the origin of the name Philemon?

The name Philemon is primarily a male name of Greek origin that means Loving.

What is the function of the Thanksgiving section in Paul’s letters?

7 Thus the role of the thanksgiving section is twofold – to confirm and build the bond between Paul and his churches, and to introduce the themes of the letters.